Yo Mama ~ Uncanned! Progress

OKOKOK Productions is gearing up for their next amazing theater production… Yo Mama ~ Uncanned! 

Yo Mama was inspired by the voice of a spirit that visited Kaki while she was in a subtle dream state, urging her to “Call council for me! Ah got sumpin’ tuh say!” Kaki associated the voice to be that of the Atlas tailings, a 16 million ton pile of radioactive dirt sitting along the banks of the Colorado River north of Moab, Utah since the 1950’s uranium boom.

Explains Ms. Hunter, “I clearly heard this female voice ask me to assist her. As bizarre as it may sound I responded to her request by taking the most absurd action that turned into the most astonishing result!” That was in 2006. Kaki has been conversing with Yo Mama since that day. Ten years and a stack of loose leaf notebooks later Yo Mama has become a one woman performance piece with musical accompaniment.

OKOKOK Productions invites you to…

Take a break from politics, environmental crisis and social injustice! Yo Mama is here to remind us of who’s really in charge, the source of infinite power and how to navigate space without a puffy suit!

Performing at Star Hall in Moab, Utah, Jan 27-29 and Feb 2-4 / 2017 at 7:00 pm.

or email: okokok@frontiernet.net or call: 435-259-8378

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